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CEL is a team of individuals who are working to follow the NTP 2020 and Vision 2030 initiatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are here to make your English learning experience seamless, productive and fun. We want you to enjoy learning English and have as many resources and opportunities as possible to support you in your endeavor.


The Center for English Language (CEL) aspires to be a pioneer in providing quality initiatives and comprehensive solutions in the field of English language teaching and learning. The Center will coordinate the development of initiatives and comprehensive solutions to ensure that they are delivered efficiently and in line with the aims of NTP 2020 and Vision 2030.


To improve the teaching and learning of English in Saudi Arabia by delivering quality, sustainable professional development programs, and providing pedagogical resources and tools which address the needs of English language teachers and students in accordance with international best practices to ensure the development and implementation of consistent, high quality programs and resources at all stages and all levels of English language teaching and learning in Saudi Arabia


  • Goal 1 : Designing courses and training kits for professional development programs in cooperation with other sectors and departments to raise the level of English language literacy and proficiency of both male and female English language teachers
  • Goal 2 : Contributing towards the development of English language learning standards and educational content as well as products and other comprehensive services in the field of English language learning
  • Goal 3 : Supporting in the development of student language competency and proficiency in order to meet higher education (both academic and vocational) and career requirements
  • Goal 4 : Adopting and hosting unique initiatives and creating educational partnerships with local and international organizations in the field of English language learning to raise students’ competency levels
  • Goal 5 : Creating attractive educational environment that support and is conducive to English language learning
  • Goal 6 : Conducting studies and research in the field of teaching and learning English language
  • Goal 7 : Organizing workshops, seminars, and symposiums in the field of English language

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Dr. Maha M AlShahrani

Head Supervisor for the female department at CEL
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Dr. Ahmed A. Qeran Alghamdi

General Manager of Quantitative initiatives Center
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Eli Ghazel

Consultant, Center for English Language (CEL)

Abdullah S. AlBadri

Assistant Director

Khalid Khamees Saeed

Head of Assessment and Evaluation unit
2018-07-02 (10)

Musaad Bin Muharib

Head of the Professional Growth Unit
Kendra Real

Kendra L. Bruce

Consultant, Ministry of Education’s Center for English Language (CEL)
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Hussein Muhjjab

Projects Coordinator

Ahmed AlZahrani

Project Coordinator